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As we live through every day of our life’s, we are unaware of what is present in our body. The one most important yet risky to exist in our body is bacteria, good bacteria’s strive hard to fight and protect our immune system from being harm. Unfortunately due to circumstances around our daily life eg: environment or level of stress, our immune system of ph level 7.5 can either deteriorate or surpass causing bad bacteria’s to become deform and start attacking our mucous membrane, which result in yeast infection also known as candida albicans.

The temperature, darkness and moist in our body has the right environment for bacteria to survive, therefore open areas like mouth, vagina, penile ( in photos of male yeast infection), gastrointestinal tract, anus, finger and toe nails can be easily attack as bacteria are mostly align along these areas. Hence if left untreated it could cause breaking through the walls in into the bloodstream and attack other parts of organs which could lead to heart diseases, muscle and joint pain, kidney cancer and liver problems.

The most common symptoms yeast infection are raw burning red during urination, itchiness along with red or white blisters, yellow or white discharge of penile opening and dry flaky foreskin.  Research shows that 25% of male get this infection which is fairly low comparing to women but the cases  are more severe as seen in male yeast infection photo because it is usually discover at the serious stage.

Prescribe antibiotics are one of the way to cure yeast infection; the role of it is to flush all bacteria at once out of our system. But do be aware our body need good bacteria as well to fight the bad ones or fungus, hence if there isn’t anything left in the body to fight for our immune system, the chances of yeast infection recurring is very high.

One of the safest and effective ways is of course the natural remedies to cure you. Our daily intake of food plays a big role of how our body functions

        -Preservative and process food eg: sausages, patties, fast food gives absolutely no beneficial nutrient to our cells.

         -Sugar is one of the sweetest but killer food eg: ice cream, chocolate and eg: rice turns into glucose after digestion which only affect yeast infection to grow vastly and stay longer.

          -High in yeast products eg: bread and pastries are only adding up the number of yeast infection

         -Fungus food eg: mushroom or even cheese has high content of bad bacteria breeding inside.

         -Smoking and alcohol are not a healthy practice at all. Cigarettes contain all sorts of chemical that distort good bacteria’s and eg: beer is made of fermentation on yeast.

All the above are to be avoided. Start a religious healthy eating habit, a high protein and 3-5 serving of vegetables and fruits, eg: organic chicken or fish (high in essential fatty acid 3), cauliflower, red/ green pepper, apple, orange, berries all gives high vital vitamin and minerals of A, B, C, D, E, K which builds a strong immune system to fight infections and prevent from what is seen from male yeast infection photos. 


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